High Performance Compstyle Longboard 9´0'' epoxy army

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Quick Overview

Sizes: 9’0x22 1/2x 2 5/8’’

FCS side fins
US box


Our High-Performance Comp-Style Longboard is made for those of you who prefer the speed and explosive action of modern longboarding. With a flat rocker, plenty of tail lift, and a nice nose concave, this ‘Performer’ allows you to do it all: big carves, roundhouse cutbacks, tail-spins as well as hanging five. This board will never let you down…from 2ft to 12ft surf. EPS/EPOXY LINE Our new Epoxy Line ist a slightly lighter and stronger surfboard tecnology. The EPS core with the wooden stringer has a simular flex to normal blanks but it is way lighter. Due to this fact we could apply more layers of glass which make the boards a bit stronger. On our opinion this tecnologie does not make sence on every shape design. Therefore we have tested many of our boards with this technology and created a small line of shapes that match up perfectly with these new material. The EPS/Epoxy Line is very ecofriendly. EPS Blank are blown with hot steam based on water and Epoxy resin doesn´t create any toxic gas.

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