First Ride Performer 9´1 blue

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Quick Overview

9′1"x 22 2/3x 3

incl.DFS side & center fin
3-colour spray design
polished finish


The norden Performer is the missing link between the solid design of our proven Allrounder model and the finely tuned, radical shape of the norden 9´0’’ Compstyle Longboard. The Performer blends a slightly wider Nose – for easy nose-riding - with low volume in the tail and a good amount of tail-lift, to enhance your ability for harder turns. In addition, a flat mid-section, with a double concave to V-bottom transition towards the tail, will generate all the acceleration and speed you will ever need to really work the wave. If you are looking to tale the step into performance longboarding, this board will meet all your demands.


Our “First Ride” models are made in a strong and durable “eps/epoxy” construction with extra layers of glass and design applied on the outside of the board. Ideal for surf school and rentals, as well as people that need a super durable surfboard for the whole family, that can take some serious beatings.

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